My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Welcome to my first blog post. I’m new to blogging, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Hmm, where to start? After almost 2 years of being diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and a full mastectomy with reconstruction that went horribly wrong, I just wanted to help other women or even men watching the women they love in their life going through similar experiences. 

I wanted to talk candidly about different subjects that made a huge effect on my treatment and care dealing with my own cancer. 

I wanted to hit those taboo subjects not very often talked about like countless charities and organizations that claim to help women but don’t.

I wanted to let others know how difficult it is to receive anything from these “charities”. How prejudice in the workplace against cancer, yes cancer, really exists.

I’ll be discussing pinkwashing in October, some family members and friends treating you it’s contagious. I understand it being a hard disease to watch others suffer through and sometimes we need help even knowing what to say to a loved one who has been diagnosed or fighting. I also think it’s important to share positivity and what helped me get through my darkest days to help others know they aren’t alone.

I’m also a Licensed Esthetician with a certification in Oncology and would love to support anyone going through radiation and treatments with skincare tips 

I have formed many friendships in the skin care industry and eventually go live giving my subscribers advice and helping answer questions with my professional guests and so so much more. 

Please join me for future posts to look at cancer in a different light. I prefer to get through life with laughter than tears.

So let’s do this blog thing.

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Published by leslies2019

After being a wife and mother and then opening my own successful business as a Esthetician at 47 those 3 words, “You have cancer” changed my life. No there is never a good time to be told you have a deadly disease and my cancer’s timing really sucked. But If I can just help one person through their cancer treatments and also after, then my fight was worth so much more. The doctors give you a green light to go on with your life. But cancer takes everything, so now you have to start again. Your old life doesn’t exist anymore. I‘m not trying to scare anyone because if anyone had hoped to returning completely back to normal it was me. I never gave up hope or quit trying to get myself back but when my treatments stopped my Dr’s. dropped me like a bad habit. My plastic surgeon even left the state, but that’s a whole other story. I wish after treatment ended they finished helping with the healing. I felt like Humpty Dumpty and no one put me back together again.

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