Billions For The Cure, But No Help

I started my blog because I found a void when talking about cancer and dealing with the aftermath.

We so often hear about the struggles and the treatments of chemo and radiation, and horrible surgeries. 

But unfortunately some pretty important subjects aren’t getting as much attention as the should.

So many charities and organizations claiming to help women being diagnosed with breast cancer but really just using the deadly disease as a guise to make money.

Did you know anyone can open a charity?

The only thing really asked is to fill out some paperwork, get a tax I.D. number and wait for your state to approve your request. Even a convicted felon is allowed to get into the big business of asking strangers for money. There are really no restrictions.

I always believed in helping others that needed help. I spent time volunteering and gave money to different charities when I could because I thought It was going to help a person in need.

So when I needed help after my cancer diagnosis I thought finding help with my bills or even grocery money would be exactly what all these big name charities did for us.

Well I couldn’t of been more wrong because in the full two years of dealing with breast cancer including three surgeries in 1 month and six months of healing and not able to return to work.

 I wasn’t even able to collect a dime from any of these places.

I was lucky my husband worked for a company that donated money and gift cards to help us get things we needed that these charities refused us. 

My funds were depleting and after contacting more charities and organizations than I could count, so was my optimism.

With almost $60 billion dollars a year given in the name of breast cancer to charities and organizations and Susan Koman raising $420 million of it. We are still not any closer to finding 

a cure. 

Most of these organizations won’t even directly help a woman with breast cancer.The big charities I called or emailed told me they only have grants with money available to help with cancer research. 

I can still remember the day I called a charity for help, they said they did not actually give money but could find places near me that could help But why did they take donations on their website? 

Well after getting forwarded to another organization and another about five in all, on my last call I was sent back to the original charity. When I asked the man what his job actually was he had no answer, it was to give me other information of people that can’t help and it was exhausting, another endless search and no help in sight.

I tried other organizations and the common response was to fill out pages upon pages of paperwork then my story of and why I needed the help.Than a second part to this conditional help. It was only available during active treatments.

 So once you finished your chemo and radiation they don’t consider you in need anymore. 

None of these organizations collecting billions from people thinking their hard earned money will help a cancer patient. Most cancer patients won’t see a penny and I was one of them.

Even though so many of us can’t return to work immediately and have complications from surgeries or treatments.

Too bad they don’t know when you are in the midst of treatment’s your too sick to do anything like paperwork and asking someone for help for another thing, just makes a person feel more helpless. So seeing all the information they need from you is overwhelming.

I was competing against thousands of sick women to get money to pay for things like electricity and groceries.


With the billions they raised I was finding none of this money actually was going to help women like me.They made it more about a competition between sick cancer patients to write the best story and pick the lucky few. 

It was absolutely barbaric.

I look forward to sharing more in my next entry.

To be continued in my next blog…….

Published by leslies2019

After being a wife and mother and then opening my own successful business as a Esthetician at 47 those 3 words, “You have cancer” changed my life. No there is never a good time to be told you have a deadly disease and my cancer’s timing really sucked. But If I can just help one person through their cancer treatments and also after, then my fight was worth so much more. The doctors give you a green light to go on with your life. But cancer takes everything, so now you have to start again. Your old life doesn’t exist anymore. I‘m not trying to scare anyone because if anyone had hoped to returning completely back to normal it was me. I never gave up hope or quit trying to get myself back but when my treatments stopped my Dr’s. dropped me like a bad habit. My plastic surgeon even left the state, but that’s a whole other story. I wish after treatment ended they finished helping with the healing. I felt like Humpty Dumpty and no one put me back together again.

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  1. Well
    I’m 53 and last November found out (on my birthday) that I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and uterine cancer and the cancer has spread to my neck and shoulder on right side and other tumors in my body as well.
    Now it’s October and all that has happened is Chemotherapy (that didn’t do shit) AC and Taxol ending March 29, 2019. Waiting until August 13, for bilateral breast surgery and reconstruction surgery. Had 5 drainage tubes which nobody told me how to take care of them So I had sorema and cellulitis infection and went to ER on September 6th was admitted into hospital. During which time they did another bilateral breast surgery removed expander on left breast, put in wound vac—for a week. Then another double breast surgery to place implants in me. Only these are too small for my boob skin. So after radiation treatments I am scheduled for another double mastectomy surgery to put in bigger implants. and I’m still waiting to have hysterectomy surgery.
    I’ve had another PET scan which shows the cancer has spread even more during this waiting period. I’m hurting all the time. Had 9 nodes removed on left side 8 of which cancerous.
    I’ve been given a foreclosure notice from my bank last week. It just doesn’t end
    All the stress and turmoil is tremendous. Then throw on top the financial burden of this ….
    Well there’s plenty of time for me to think, my husband of 30 yr marriage might just be better off without me.
    I know I’d never take myself out of this life. But it’s just overwhelming.
    Oh by the way I live in Rochelle Illinois
    My name is Clairisa Tyler.


    1. Clairisa, I am so sorry you are enduring so much pain and going through all of this. Having financial burdens through cancer make it even worse. I have not shared my blog yet about my hospital acquired infection given to me by my plastic surgeon. It left me with a open wound that needed constant care and home healthcare added a another year of additional treatments. My road has not been easy and a fast talking charismatic plastic surgeon actually left me worse than when this all started. My surgeon left his practice and moved to another state after my surgery.
      I pray for healing and I try to look at the positive and yes be thankful for the small things. I am praying for you and sending you love and I will try to find some links for you to get some help Illinois.


  2. Figured this out a while ago. Same situation with charities “supporting” heart. They are mostly one big network of scam artists. And the moment someone come up with something natural that helps them, these “charities” do everything in their power to discredit them. I’m sorry you had to be subjected to the game. But glad you realize they are no help. Thanks for sharing. Check out Ćhŕiś Beat Cancer and The Truth About Cancer. Hope you are getting better. Please take care of yourself.

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  3. JRosmarie
    Yes it is a shame going through all the hoops for no help. If I had the money to start my own charity I definitely would and help my fellow survivors. I’m doing well and sending you love my sister.


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