Ringing in the New Year brings new adventures and endless possibilities.This was one of my favorite times of year.I loved celebrating new beginnings and having hope that with every new year I had more chances of fulfilling my dreams with my family and reaching new goals I set for myself in my new career.I looked […]

Whatever makes you Happy

     In 2017 I had an idea for something I had never seen in any of the professional skin care magazines that I usually read. I really wanted to get back to my writing roots. I wasn’t sure if it would get published. It was the first magazine I ever sent a submission too one of […]

Charities: Time For A Change

Where do all the billions of dollars made from charities and organizations really go and is my donation helping?  My own personal experiences with these organizations were like following a rabbit down a hole, a deep dark lonely hole with no end in site. Am I bitter? Let’s just say sad or confused. Those are […]

Billions For The Cure, But No Help

I started my blog because I found a void when talking about cancer and dealing with the aftermath. We so often hear about the struggles and the treatments of chemo and radiation, and horrible surgeries.  But unfortunately some pretty important subjects aren’t getting as much attention as the should. So many charities and organizations claiming […]